Madrid and Barcelona will experience the largest increases of prices of rental of offices of the

Small and large offices for rent in singapore

Ease of growth in the same business center. Pool of 30 industrial and services companies. Contracts over 6 months with monthly renewal, without time limit. Enjoy the facilities of a business center overlooking the Mediterranean. Organization of conferences and business meetings, and training sessions at the Centre.

Designed by the Gensler firm, which will be the tallest building in China (and third highest in the world with its 632 meters) follows its course of construction in the business area of Pudong (the last July was crowned the structure). The tower is organized as if they were nine cylindrical buildings stacked. The inside of the double skin fa├žade hides these overlapping buildings, while outside the Tower rotates 120 degrees as it stands producing a curved appearance. It will house office spaces and commercial, and a luxury hotel.

Cayan Tower, completed in mid-2013, has 495 apartments overlooking the Marina of Dubai and the Gulf. Helical design rotates at 90 degrees from the base until the coronation. It is the third signed by the study of Chicago SOM in Dubai, next to the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa (828 meters), and the Tower Rolex (235).

Here awaits you a set of offices open and fully prepared to offer the maximum comfort with the best services. Spaces of high quality finishes with ceilings recordable, air conditioners individual module, flooring of linoleum, and other services that your company needs: an innovative customer, PAC, point available 24 hours 365 days a year, which centralises and manages custom and immediately all requests we receive from our clients; security 24 h; maintenance and cleaning… In addition, if you wish, we offer additional advice on interior design and custodial work to achieve maximum efficiency and optimization of your workspace.

Instead choose a SBC Center allows you to install instantly, in an office fully equipped from 1 up to 6 jobs in a professional environment and to the height of your business, no initial investment, well located and well connected, with private on-site parking, equipped with a next-generation it infrastructure, service computer technician meeting at their disposal, zones Office, rest areas, rooms Service secretarial and reception, and everything your company needs for its daily operations.

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